I Don’t Give a Dam What You Think About Me

What you think about me is none of my dam business!

I believe if you stopped giving a dam what other people think of you fear will disappear from your life. I used to hate rejection. It crippled me for many years of my life. I had a speaking gig lined up for months. Today, the other party backed out. The old me would have got pissed, hurt, and all bent out of shape. Today, I’m like it’s not the right time to change lives with that organization. So, I picked up the phone to bless another organization, and they were like, “come on in we need you.” Yo, I’ve been through hell and back throughout my forty years on earth. None of my obstacles and setbacks have killed me. I’m still standing here today. There is no need for me to play the “victim” card.

You or I am not going to jell with everyone on this earth. However, there are more than enough people on this earth that we can add value to their life. Continue to reach out to those that value and want your God-given gifts to help change their lives for the better.

I want to help you live a successful & fulfilling lifestyle. If you feel my success gems is adding value in your life and you believe others can benefit from my message, tell a friend to join the movement of helping me change a billion people step into their destiny. I promise we will take care of the people you love as we have taken care of you.

Sending you love, light, and infinite blessings!

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