• "Shaundi has been my Earth Angel for many years. Before connecting with Coach Shaundi, my life was in shambles. I was at rock bottom and miserable. Shaundi came into my life and immediately inspired and empowered me to get my life back on track. He saw the gifts God has blessed me with even though I did not see those gifts for myself. What I love about Shaundi's coaching style is he gave me the skills I needed to change all areas of my life. In 2006, I was struggling financially and could barely take care of myself. Twelve years later, I have an incredible career in the home care service industry. I am a motivational speaker and mentor for young adults that suffer from chemical substance abuse and depression. Shaundi started coaching me over twelve years ago, and my life does not look the same. What I love about my coach is his teachings has helped me touch so many lives over the past decade. If anyone had told me all those years ago, I would have a successful & fulfilling career, speaking in front of young adults as a motivation speaker, and help change lives, I would have thought you were on drugs. Coach has a rare gift from the Lord to empower people to change their life. I do not know what areas of life you may be struggling in, but Shaundi will take you to that next level you want to achieve in your life. Thank you for everything my Earth Angel. I will always love what you have done in my life. You are the greatest."

    Tiffany Kidd Client Relations Manager
  • "I've known Shaundi and been positively impacted by him 4 years now. Shaundi has always exhibited his passion to take people into their greatness, into their passion. I've personally experienced that as he pushed me to follow my passion, the future I went to bed thinking about and what I woke up wanting to have. He's always acknowledged and built up my strengths and help me improve on my areas of opportunities to become the best candidate for the job I desired. Merely months after earning my Masters degree, I became an athletic director of a middle school. If you have the great opportunity of working with Shaundi, you will have a knowledgeable, passionate, and hardworking coach in your corner until you achieve your goals. No more struggling through your 20's wondering what the next step is. He'll work with you to find the future you've always wanted and build the personal skills to get there. Invest in your future now, and you'll reap the benefits for a lifetime sooner."

    Phil Schmitz Athletic Director
  • At the beginning I just started with an idea, not knowing where to begin or even if I could do it. Shaundi's program answered all my questions and got me ready to quit my job and start my business within a month. I am so proud I finally took the risk to realize my dream. Coach Shaundi is awesome!

    Rashein Lindsey Business Owner
  • Shaundi Goins has helped me realize what I really want to do with my life. He is able to provide guidance while listening and taking in all information. His unique style can't compare, because he is one of a kind. I can say that he has truly been a great guide, teacher, and mentor. Best Wishes,

    Elizabeth D. Best Office Coordinator
  • Today I have a wonderful relationship with my husband, I am cleaning up my debt, and my finances are no longer unmanageable. Shaundi taught me how to turn my passion into a career and provided me with the skills I needed to have several streams of income coming into the household. If you TRULY are serious about changing your life, willing to do the necessary work, keep an open mind, and never give up…Coach Shaundi is the coach you need in your corner. I was hopeless about my life 9 months ago. Shaundi saved my life and taught me how to live an abundant and fulfilling life!

    Lisa Poole Baltimore, Maryland
  • Shaundi Goins is the best inspiration speaker in the world!

    Samantha Lynn Doctorate in Clinical Psychologist Candidate
  • "The world knows him as Coach Shaundi, or one of the top inspirational speakers and coaches on the planet, but to me Shaundi is my "brother from another mother." In 2009, I made a big transition in my life. I made a fresh start and my main goal was to earn my Bachelor's degree so I can have a career instead of a job. I wanted to be an example for my two sons, so they one day can go to college and become successful. Shaundi inspired me to go to college because I saw his journey from being financially stressed out take his family's life to another level we always talked about. I saw the power of education was doing in his life, so I was determined to live the life I envisioned for my family. Shaundi not only inspired to go to college be he also became my college adviser. I am still trying to figure that one out. During those four years in my undergrad, Shaundi provided me with all the skills I need to not only win inside the classroom, but he coached and mentored me on how to increase my annual salary, and how to get into a leadership role before I walked away with my degree. In 2012, I graduated with my Bachelor's degree in Business Administration and was promoted to a supervisor position at my company. Earning a Bachelor's degree was a dream come true. But the journey was far from over. During my sophomore year Shaundi talked about the power of earning my MBA. It was that bug he planted in my ear that allowed me to pursue my Masters in Business Administration. During my journey throughout my graduate program, Coach Shaundi provided me with everything I needed to help me get my advanced degree working for me, instead of me working for my degree. Shaundi taught me the lesson of how a degree is a door opener. The skills and value I am able to provide for an organization is going to help me thrive in any organization I partner with. I graduated with my MBA degree in the summer of 2015. Three years later and I am track to make a six figures per year income in my organization. When Coach Shaundi and I began working together in 2009, I was making a little over minimum wage. Shaundi helped me elevate my life to a level that existed in my dream. Coach knows how to help people get from where they are now to where they want be in life. I appreciate you for every thing you have done for my family and me. P.S. Thank you for getting my oldest son into college!

    Gerjuan Jacob Project Analyst
  • "Shaundi Goins is an inspiration and will inspire you to achieve your dreams too!"

    Dr. Aaron Christopher, Ph.D., C.P.A., C.F.E. Vice Chancellor for Administration
  • ”Shaundi has a way of underscoring things about me that make my accomplishments sound like my fault. To put it simply, he has been my cheerleader from the get-go and his gut had it right--I have it in me to accomplish the desires of my heart, or better yet, achieve that state of mind and feeling of being accomplished before the end goal. I already am a great coach. I feel Shaundi reminds me that no matter the end result, I am one-of-a-kind, special and my successes don't confine who I can become, that it is within each opportunity I have a choice to be the greatest version of myself I choose to be. Shaundi moves me to action by keeping it real, by being a sounding-board and guide-by-the-side as I take leap of faith after leap of faith in my journey of coaching beginnings. His well of knowledge coupled with life-long wisdom and compassion, have redirected my focus back on me. I took notice that I had the competency to action within me all along. For those looking to bolster their ....coaching beginnings, Shaundi is a solid 10. Are you second-guessing your step into the coaching world and are afraid of taking action? Have no fear, Shaundi is here.” Coach Kim Johnson www.groundsforclarity.com

    Kim Johnson Professional Life Coach