How to Reach Your Goals

If my son said to me, “Daddy, I want to become the next Michael Jordan or LeBron James, I’d be like son go after your dreams as if your life depended on it. However, to get to that level in your basketball endeavors, you can’t watch 10,000 hours of these superior athletes on cable, online, or YouTube.

Sure, watch them for a few hours to learn their moves, and how they approach the game of basketball. Become the student of the game of basketball, but make DAM sure you’re putting in the necessary hours to achieve that level of greatness. Make no bones about it; you will need to put in at least 20,000 intentional hours to achieve that level of success. You have to become that one guy that worked harder than the great Michael Jordan, himself.

Michael Jordan’s idol growing up was Dr. J. Kobe Bryant, and LeBron James idol was Michael Jordan. Although they watched and mimicked the skills of the greats before them, they walked onto that basketball court and worked on their game for HELLA hours, daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly.

When normal kids are home sleeping, you need to be in the gym working on your game. When your friends are having a great time at recess, you need to be working on your game. When your friends are doing what average kids do in their daily lives, you need to be working on your game.

Throughout this journey son, you need to have experienced coaches to guide you to the next level every step of the way. However, don’t worry good ole Pops will help you seek the coaches you need to help you achieve phenomenalness (yup I made that word up).

Son if this is TRULY the life you desire I will support you 120%. I will coach you to go from Average-to-Good-to-Great-to-Phenomenal. “How daddy?” Because your father has helped thousands of people across the globe, over the past fifteen years as a transformation coach on how to go from average to phenomenal in any endeavor of life.

However, know this, the greatest b-ball players in the world have sacrificed their childhood and teen years to ascend to a level that 98% of the basketball playing athletes wish they could achieve. So, you have to be willing to put in the work to achieve greatness. You have to make sacrifices to ascend to greatness. You have to do ninety-eight percent of what world’s population is not willing to do.

Do you need an expert-level transformation coach that has a proven track record to help you achieve the life you TRULY desire? If you answered YES, go to to set up a free two-hour insight session to see how I can help you go from where you are today to where you TRULY want to be in life!

You were born to be phenomenal,

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