How To Find & Create Popular Blog Post Topics

Laurel Staples once said, “Writing powerful headlines, titles, subtitles, and subject lines for your marketing content (e.g. on your blog, newsletter, website, workshop flyers, emails, etc.) is as essential as creating the content itself.” It took me eight long years to learn how to find & create popular blog topics. The other day I finally received my ah-ha moment. If you’re in the coaching, training, speaking, or consulting business, you need to find the pain points in your potential clients. What problems can you help them solve? How can you help them go from Point A: Where they currently are, to Point B: Where they want to be in life?

Researching your potential client’s Pain Points is a good start on how to create blog topics. For example, a problem my clients want me to solve is how to help them achieve their goals in 2019. A good blog topic can be: READ THESE 25 BOOKS ON SUCCESS TO ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS IN 2019. What are your top 10 books that helped you achieve your goals? Let’s say you’re a Health Coach, what problems do you help your clients solve? What do you think of this blog topic? 5 TIPS FOR EATING HEALTHY THIS HOLIDAY SEASON.

I teach clients; their drive is a powerful asset to have in their success kit if they want to step into their greatness. A client of mine asked me, “Shaundi how can I be more driven?” Her question to me about how can she become more driven is a blog post topic. So, how can I turn the simple word “Driven” or “Drive” into a blog topic? Check this out: HOW TO FIND YOUR DRIVE TO SUCCEED.

Have you ever researched books on Amazon? How many “How To” books do you see on Amazon’s website? Remember this book? How To Win Friends and Influence People. That’s a classic book. Right? Here is another example of “How” to teach your potential clients to achieve the goal of stepping into a leadership role at their job: HOW TO BECOME A PERSON OF INFLUENCE. Are you beginning to see the picture?

I read books, magazines, articles, blogs, newsletters, or newspapers within my niche to learn how and why the writer chose that particular topic. Here is a small assignment for you. Take the title chapter of a book you own and see how you can turn that book chapter into a blog post topic. Better yet, choose a book that is within your niche.

The most important aspect of creating killer blog post topics is making sure they answer questions or a challenge your client want to overcome. Your blog post topics should provide what your clients “Want” not what they “Need.” I hope this blog post will help you find & create popular blog post topics.

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