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My life’s purpose is to inspire and empower people to step into their greatness and live a successful and fulfilling lifestyle!

I work with motivated spirits just like you that are ready to take control of their destiny.

Do you have a burning desire to turn your adversities into opportunities?

This book is made for you!


Prior to becoming a transformation coach, trainer, speaker, and author, Shaundi Goins shares his journey from barely surviving to thriving, providing his signature Platinum Success Gems, outlining steps anyone can take to create success in all areas of life.

Seventeen years ago, Shaundi was a 23-year-old homeless U.S. Navy veteran. He hit rock bottom. He was homeless, broke, addicted to drugs and alcohol, depressed, and suicidal. He was broken! All the years of suffering from severe child abuse, being bullied, having low self-esteem, and failing in life, time after time, Shaundi felt the world would be a better place without him.

Right before he was going to end his life, a voice within his subconscious mind spoke to him. “Shaundi, you are meant for so much more. You can be so much more. You are meant for greatness. You were meant to serve a mighty nation and help billions of people on Earth.” At that very moment, Shaundi decided to take 120% responsibility for his life and the results. Today, Shaundi live a successful and fulfilling lifestyle.

FROM HOMELESS TO GREATNESS: THE SHAUNDI GOINS STORY, will make you laugh, cry, fill your soul with joy, love, light, and magic. Shaundi’s journey will help you turn challenges into opportunities. Not only will he inspire and empower you to step into your phenomenal being, but his Platinum Success Gems will also help you turn your vision into reality.


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