How God Can Help You Achieve Greatness

Sometimes life can become confusing especially with all the chaos in the world, and chaos we create for ourselves.
For many years, I considered myself a God-fearing man. As I grew older in age, I slowly began to believe in the beliefs of man.
Several times I’ve walked away from my faith thinking God is not real because of all the chaos and suffering in the world.
From personal experiences I can tell you everything I walked away from the Lord, boy life kicked me where the sun doesn’t shine lol.
The Lord has sent people into my life to speak on the Lord’s behalf to remind me of the covenant between God & his children.
Yesterday, I received some disturbing news that rattled my inner-peace. When all hell breaks through in my life, guess whom I turn to? That’s right! Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
On my way home from the Veterans Administration office, God could sense the anger and frustration I felt for the military and how they treat some veterans.
Then the Holy Spirit stepped in and whispered in my ear, “go home and read Genesis. Trust in me, send all your pain and suffering to me. I will take care of it. Trust and believe in me with everything you have. You no longer have to suffer.”
I opened that Bible and began to read the book of Genesis. Instantly my anger and frustration went away immediately.
I spoke with another God-fearing soul. She reached out to me to partner as business colleagues. What I found out was this beautiful angelic soul is a devout Christian. I could tell she walked her talk with her faith.
I realized yesterday everything I do in life has to be for my Lord. Sometimes I allow my flesh to take over. However, that’s okay. We were born into sin, and we’re not perfect.
Through committing myself to the teachings of the Lord and surrounding myself and having daily conversations with God-fearing people, my faith will not falter as so in the past.
By no means, I’m cutting off people that don’t share my beliefs. God taught me to love all angelic souls. My family, friends, business associates, students, and clients are my life. You all rock!
I’m sharing with you my recent journey of life with you to make you aware, we don’t have to be perfect. We all have our great times in the light and there are times where we get caught up in the storms of life.
Every day we are blessed to see another day is a new opportunity to live in the light. One thing I know is the Lord knows how to take away the pain, suffering, anything negative you’re going through in a hot second if you are open to receive his instant healing powers.
My good friend Emanuela Braj said to spread my testimony of how God has brought me through all my storms of life, and how he has saved my tail on many occasions from death, addiction, being homeless, and prevented me from going to prison during my early years of life.
He has blessed me with a career after spending years working entry-level jobs. The good Lord blessed me with a ministry to have an opportunity to help millions of people take control of their destiny.
God has blessed me the gift of writing and speaking. After fifteen years of hiding my writing gift, he helped me publish my first of many books.
On September 22, 2018, my autobiography was published. From Homeless To Greatness: The Shaundi Goins Story.
If you’d like to learn about my life’s story go to
Whether if you’re Christ-like or not I hope today’s message added value to your life. For many years I didn’t share the word of God unless I’m talking with another Christian. I guess I didn’t want to offend those that didn’t share the same faith as mine.
However, there are many souls out there that can benefit from the teachings of Christ, also benefit from my testimony. Lord knows when they hear about my highs and lows in life, I hope they will learn you don’t have to be perfect to step into their greatness.
So, going forward I will spread the gospel of Jesus Christ on a more global level (if that makes sense lol). I will always inspire, empower and provide you with tools and strategies that will help you accomplish your life goals.
Okay, angelic souls, that’s my time. Coach Shaundi Goins is blessing you with love, light, and infinite abundance!
P.S. If you have a burning desire to achieve your biggest dreams & create a life you love, click the link below to set up a free insight session with me.

You were born to be phenomenal,

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